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On 10th September Hatton Rotary hosted members of the Northampton Branch of the British Polio Fellowship (BPF) to celebrate the completion of 100 session of hydrotherapy undertaken by polio survivors at Moulton College. The sessions are part funded and physically supported by Hatton members and their partners.

During the evening the Hatton marked the milestone by awarding Paul Harris Fellowship, named after the founder of Rotary, to Mike Jackson and Kirsten Good. The Rotary award is used sparingly by Hatton to acknowledge the outstanding contribution that individual non-Rotarians make to the community.

Mike Jackson was recognised for his unstinting work as Treasurer and Welfare Officer for the BPF branch. He has coordinated the attendance at each weekly session. I addition he is heavily involved in many activities of the branch and in his home village.

Kirsten Good is the lead hydrotherapist at the Chris Moody Centre, Moulton College and has designed, developed and supervised the complete therapy programme, not only for the pool sessions but also for a gymnasium-based exercise programme as well. Kirsten’s work is marked by her humour and compassion and an astute understanding as to how far to challenge each of her charges in order for them to get the most from the programme.

The Northamptonshire Branch of the BPF are always looking to find polio survivors new to them and can be contacted via Hatton Rotary.



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Visit to Wrenn School


Paul James and Nigel Cheetham were invited to see the the newly built and designed ‘Science bus’ which was the culmination of a lot of hard work and investment from various organisations in and around Wellingborough. There was a fantastic atmosphere on the morning when we visited and BBC radio Northampton were there and mainly talking to those that had designed and installed items within the bus such as tables, benches and science equipment.

This is not exclusive for just Wrenn to use but for any school within the surrounding area and anyone who would like a visit which could include our Rotary group if organised.

IMG_0867 IMG_0868

Post By Paul James

The Daylight Centre Receives £200

Viv Adams of the Daylight Centre accepting a donation of £200 from Brian Evans on behalf of the club.IMG_20190704_105725600_HDR (002)

Euro Banger Rally

You will have seen Nigel  C’s updates during this epic journey of the Hatton Wackey Racers Tony, Nigel and Duncan.

We completed 2,500 miles and went through 9 countries in 4 days. This was a gruelling journey  leaving Wellingborough at 3.00 am on Friday 7th June arriving back at 11.45 on Monday 10th June. During the intervening days we were usually on the road by 7.30 am  and arriving at where we were staying at 8.30 in the evening so enough time to have  a meal and a drink then to bed ready for an early start the next day. We kept in touch with Nigel C through the day so that he could keep the club informed of progress. I made many posts on Facebook to keep the public and our followers up to date and we peaked at circa 6000 people reached and 2000 post engagement which helped to promote both the initiative and the club

The total raised through Just Giving stands at £3,867 we also  had a donation from Print and Data Wellingborough of £125 and from a member of the public £20 bring total received to £4,012. We will be adding money raised from the other events run as part of the “Invest  in Isebrook” campaign and taking account of costs and recovery of Gift Aid, which thanks to David Birkett’s efforts we are now registered to allow us to apply for.

A big thanks to Tony Frankland who was the initiator of the project and the rest of the team Duncan Nigel G and Nigel C ( base camp support).

By Duncan Forbes

Click to see all the pictures



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20190608_182327 IMG_6954 20190608_200231 IMG_2018
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100 Up and Going Strong

Members of the Northamptonshire Branch of the British Polio Fellowship will complete their 100th hydrotherapy session in the specialist pool at the Chris Moody Centre, Moulton College, on 4th June. Each session lasting 30 minutes and is a progressive exercise programme conducted by Kirsten Good, a specialist physiotherapist from “Physiofunction”. All of those taking part had polio when they were much younger and now have the return of the debilitating symptoms known as Post-Polio Syndrome. Up to 5 members of the fellowship attend each session which are designed to strengthen muscle tone and improve mobility. A significant side effect is the freedom of movement gained from exercise in the warm water pool and the fun of the activity. Smiles are the order of the day.

The programme has been supported by the Wellingborough Hatton Rotary Club for almost 3 years using matched grants from the Rotary Foundation to help fund the programme. Club members attend each session to provide physical support for those needing wheelchair assistance.

By Dick Parsley

Pool activity = hydro Pool Group - hydro

Euro Banger Rally 19

Fellow Rotarians The Hatton Wacky Racers now have the car prepared, route planned, ferry and hotels booked ready for the off at 3.00 am Friday. They are trying to buy some much needed equipment for our local Isebrook Hospital we have raised £2,559 on their Just Giving site  so we really need  all your help to boost this figure to get us closer to hitting their target of £10,000. You can follow their progress on our Facebook page Click for the Facebook page

Please make a donation through the Just Giving  link Click for their Just Giving page

IMG_3498 IMG_3500 IMG_3502 IMG_3501

Hatton Hobblers Out and About Including a Pub!

The Hatton were on the march again around the local area round Wellingborough including the Stags Head at Doddington.IMG_0506


IMG_0503 IMG_0501 IMG_0500 IMG_0499
IMG_0498 IMG_0504 IMG_0495 IMG_0505


What a fabulous day the weather was fantastic, the whole club pulled together, and provided a great community event with superb amusements and some great live music thanks to Dave Smith and we raised £420 for Isebrook Hospital.

Thanks to the organisers  Dave Smith and Richard Brooks and all the members who contributed on the day especially those manning the Burger van Derek, John and David  forgive me if I have missed any one out.

We must also mention the PR and signage provided by the IT and Comms team there was no doubt who was hosting the event!

Click to see the full set of Family Fun Day Pictures




20190601_152808 20190601_152510 20190601_152927 20190601_152606
20190601_152934 20190601_152915 20190601_143313 20190601_152955
IMG_0481 IMG_0474 IMG_0490 IMG_0486
IMG_0493 IMG_0489 IMG_0493 IMG_0483

Wellingborough Hatton Rotary Club at The Waendel Walk



Thanks to Tony who organised the event and the team who put in a lot of effort to help raise the profile of the club and a big thanks to Club Members and “Friends” who helped with the Marshalling ,Paul James who soldiered on playing after the event in atrocious conditions and Brian for helping during the day plus Bob who delivered equipment.

Everything was set fair during the day for a great time for all the people on the Fellowship Walk however shortly after these pictures were taken the heavens opened and tipped it down with torrential rain. So unfortunate; however all our team stayed stoically at their posts until the final walkers passed by.

Big thanks to all who braved the weather.


IMG_1808 20190510_170924 20190510_180315 20190510_180135
20190510_180202 20190510_180207 20190510_180300 IMG_1815



Please click image to enlargeJPEG VERSION
The team is organised the car is in place preparations are well advanced to embark on this endeavour 4 old duffers 2600 miles 9 countries in 4 days with the aim to swell campaign to raise money for Isebrook Hospital. A lot of effort has been put into this campaign so please back the team.

So we are asking the club sponsor us through Just Giving by clicking  the Just Giving Link :JUST GIVING







20190425_194052 20190425_214529 20190425_224743

Everyone had a great time on Thursday the food the people and the entertainment were fabulous this also marked the launch of the promotional campaign for the Rust Bucket Rally (Euro Banger Rally 19). The evening was made extra special  by the Symbolics entertaining everyone and many commented on how good they were. We raised in excess of £400 the auction of a golf day donated by Wellingborough  Golf Club (care of Nigel G) was sold for £100 so big thanks to Nige for sourcing that. Tony organised the event which is no mean feet so big thanks to him.

20190425_194118 20190425_210330 20190425_210356 20190425_210422
20190425_210814 20190425_214529 20190425_214546 20190425_214609
20190425_222035  POSTER  POSTER  20190425_223722






This  photo of Hatton Hobblers captures the moment of celebration on our walking weekend at Thoresby Hall in March.Each member is wearing our T Shirts were printed for 100th walk to give a lasting memory.


Please put together as team and come to our Quiz night at the Old Grammarians and support our campaign to raise money for Isebrook Hospital.

take a look at our Facebook page Click here


Quiz night SQ_FB_500px 36614324_1833519570019713_6011064725142503424_o


Over £2000 Raised for British Polio Fellowship Hydrotherapy Project

Nigel’s  keyboarding skills for the Woodford Xmas Fair 2018 coupled with performing at the Dukes Arms Woodford in Xmas Eve has  raised a total of £420 to support the British Polio Fellowship hydrotherapy group  at Moulton College. This money plus the money raised for from a Quiz night in November totals circa £1000 which will receive a dual funding bonus by Rotary District providing over a grand total  of in excess of £2000.


Santa Helps To Give Catherine’s Wish


20181223_141754 20181223_141637 20181223_141535 20181223_144314

We responded to a request from an organisation called Bucket List Last Wishes to help Catherine who is very ill with Cancer to help her children experience a lasting memory of Christmas Tony made a excellent Santa Nigel kindly towed the sleigh and one of “Friends of Hatton Gail Hudson came as an Elf Duncan and Dick Parsley also provide help. Please click on the link below to see the full story.

Catherine’s wish

Santa Sleigh Collection Hits Over £2,000



20181211_174809We received donations in excess of £2000 which will be used in our community projects to help, improve, support and provide for our local areas.Santa Sleigh week 2018, commenced with a slight change to our past programs. We scheduled five nights to visit a different estate in the community on each one. This was very well received and supported by our very generous public who through social media engaged with our visits, welcoming Santa and his helpers and joining in with the festive music.

Thank you to our Rotary members, Friends of Rotary and partners. 54 shifts totalling 119 hours were donated during our week.

Santa and helpers thank you for your support and donations in 2018 and wish you all a Happy New Year. If you are interested in becoming a member or Friend of Hatton Rotary, please contact us through our website.



DSC_0017 (Small)


Alan and his team had a very successful rebirth under management of  the club and a big thank you goes to all the members who supported the event and assisted on the day. The amount raised of £1,800 surpassed   expectations and will be split equally between:

Home Farm Trust Click to view site

Dementia UK Click to see site

100TH Hobblers Walk

Everyone had a great time on this centennial walk which marks many miles travelled and many laughs along the way.



P1010573 P1010574 P1010577
P1010580 P1010614 P1010634


Poppy 6

Well done to Bob who again organised the British Legion collection and  far exceeded last year’s total of £7,000. Thanks also go to all the club members who gave up their time to look after the collection at Sainsburys. This is a fantastic result and something our club can be very proud of.

Message from Bob:

The members of Hatton Rotary would like to thank The British Legion for allowing us to represent them. We thank the Sainsbury’s management and their staff who made us very welcome and without you the customers and members of the public, we would not have reached this fantastic total. THANK YOU ALL.